How can I lose weight during Intermittent Fasting?

by - March 30, 2019

The most popular reason people engage in diet plans is weight loss as it is one of the most pronounced benefit of intermittent fasting. Staying healthy and keeping fit are other reasons.

In intermittent fasting, we're introduced to skipping some meals and eating others that way, helping us take in fewer calories.

Intermittent fasting, therefore, can lead to significant weight loss and belly fat loss. You're both made to eat fewer calories by skipping meals, and burn body fat more.

We have to know, however, that as much as we can lose weight during Intermittent fasting, we are also at the risk of adding weight.


If we eat more calories than we burn during Intermittent fasting, we definitely will add more weight than we're losing and we have defeated the reason for the intermittent fasting.

In this post, we would consider ways in which we lose weight through intermittent fasting.

If you're on the diet plan because you want to lose weight and you're wondering why you are not having results, it may be due to the fact that you're not doing it the right way.
Here are some 'right' tips for you.

1. Controlling your food intake

Paying attention to what you eat during Intermittent fasting, especially in the evenings can help you prevent the weight and belly fat gain you so do not desire.

Reducing the amount of food you take during fast reduces your intake of calories helping you maintain or lose weight during the process.

A lot of people have the bad habit of trying to eat up all they missed during the period of fasting. Now that is a terrible, terrible habit because you're fasting to reduce your intake of food and not for the fun of it.

2. Cook healthy

When preparing the meals you intend to eat during your non-fasting period, make your recipes by avoiding deep frying as much as possible.

Also, it is advisable that you avoid deep fried meals too.

Cook food with a little vegetable oil to reduce fat.

Other ways are grilling, roasting, steaming and baking.

Reducing fats in food does not always mean reducing its flavour or taste. Avenues have been created through technology and other means to get deliciously prepared meals with little or no cooking fat.

You can also enhance your seasonings by using fresh herbs and spices. They add taste with no calories.

Fresh veggies are also great for garnishing.

3. Avoid rushing meals

Allot time for your meals. Avoid the habit of "just squeezing time to eat".
Avoid multitasking while eating too.

The best way to eat your meals is slowly, giving full attention to it.

Enjoy every bite, every spoon, every chew.

Eating slowly do have benefits. Some of which are : better digestion, easier weight loss, better hydration and meal satisfaction.

When we eat quickly it makes us feel like the meal gets over to soon and this pushes us to go for a second helping or more.

Intermittent fasting is a super effective tool for weight loss quite alright, but if we do not take cognisance to the proper way of fasting and eating when exercising IF, we would be working in error, and of course, you do not want to imagine what it'll be like if you're giving your all in a weight loss program but you just keep adding weight.

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