How Do I Deal With Hunger When I'm Fasting?

by - March 29, 2019

Fasting can be very tough.

Whatever is the reason for your fasting, it is important to know that there are Benefits to be gained from fasting.

Fasting helps so much in the health of a human being. It helps to curb cancer in the body, it helps you to lose excess fats (which nobody likes), and it helps you to practice perseverance.

Let's face it, abstaining from food is quite a hard task for most people. For them, it is a real test of perseverance.

Although Fasting has great benefits, exercising it excessively could be harmful to your body. There must be a period of eating amidst the period of fasting. See Healthy meals for Intermittent Fasting

Intermittent fasting provides different approaches that would help balance a person's health life if followed through the right process.

In this article, we will be looking at the top six ways to deal with hunger pangs while you're fasting.

You will learn new tips on how to control your hunger for food, and also to be able to differentiate between psychological hunger and the real hunger.

True, some hunger pangs that you feel is not actually hunger. Sometimes, It could actually be thirst that is being misinterpreted as hunger.

To be able to be a master at controlling hunger pangs, you need to learn the difference.

Let's consider the six ways to curb hunger pangs.

How to curb hunger during intermittent fasting?

1. Drink plenty of water

Water is so important in helping you to curb hunger pangs while you're fasting.

Drinking plenty of water at the start of the fast, during the fast and at the end of the fast will have immense benefits on your body.

We all know that "Water is Life" but when dealing fasting, water is more than life.

If you don't take any water at all during a fasting, you might find it hard to finish your fast. But when you drink water constantly, it helps you to balance the hunger cravings.

2. Start your day with no-sugar organic tea or coffee.

Another way that you can deal with the hunger pangs while you're fasting, is to start your fast by drinking organic tea like Green Tea.

Your organic tea should not contain any sugar because if it does contain sugar, then you'd be interfering with the point of fasting. The point of fasting is to make sure that you reduce your intake of calories, and putting sugar in your tea would just be eating what you're trying to avoid.

Taking no-sugar organic tea however, is like taking Green tea.

You can also take a no-sugar coffee in the morning before you start your Fasting.

This helps tremendously in curbing the hunger pangs and making sure that you are able to get through the Fast without breaking it along the way.

3. Engage in activities that will distract you.

There are several activities you can engage in while you're fasting.

If you like doing house chores, you can get busy with house chores to distract you from concentrating on the fact that you are feeling hungry.

You can also listen to music, press your clothes, talk with a friend, go to the gym etc.

Just do something to take your mind off the fact that you haven't eaten or that you're feeling hunger pangs.

When you're not concentrating on the hunger, you would find that time would pass by and the time to break your fast will be here before you know it.

4. Setting a reward for yourself.

You can assure yourself that meal is just a few hours away by thinking about the special meal you will eat to break your Fast.

By giving yourself a reward at the end of the fasting period, it will enable your mind to prepare itself to cope till the fasting period elapses.

5. Sleep well.

When you don't have enough sleep there is an elevation in the Ghrelin hormone and decrease in the Leptin hormone and this means that you will be more hungry.

Getting enough sleep does amazing wonders to reducing your quest for food thereby helping you to effectively cope in a fast.

6. Remember why you are fasting in the first place.

This is all part of focus. You need to remind yourself of the original reason why you are Fasting. Are you fasting for weight reasons? Then remind yourself of possible consequences attached if you don't get through the fasting.

These are six useful tips to help you cope during fasting. It's not easy. Not at all. Beating the cravings is hard too.

We hope you find these tips helpful during Intermittent Fasting.

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