Up-to-the-ninth-hour fast

by - April 27, 2019

Research shows that there are a lot of health benefits one can gain from engaging in intermittent fasting. Intermittent fasting improves brain function, prevents diseases, weight loss and even increases life span.

While some may practice intermittent fasting for just weight loss, others do it for its nutritional healing. It is something we all should embrace.

Referring to intermittent fasting, it is a term normally used to explain periods without food. It is an eating pattern and most times the intervals without food is often determined by the person involved based on his or her intentions.

These intentions could vary. Some of the reasons people engage in intermittent fasting includes: weight loss, religious tradition or other health benefits. Sometimes out of scarcity, we are forced to attempt intermittent fasting.

Just like there are schedules for the religious fasting tradition like the six to twelve, six to three,  six to six etc: there are also schedules in intermittent fasting. Some of them includes:

Alternate-day fasting
24 hours fasting
Night Fasting

Up-to the Ninth hour fasting is an example of the 24 hour schedule intermittent fasting.

For some religious sect, the ninth hour usually comes with a special prayer. It is often called the mid-afternoon prayer. This could possibly be the reason behind this schedule.
During this schedule, one stays away from food or fast from 6a.m to the ninth hour which is 3pm.

This type of intermittent fasting does not require that you stay away from food completely; rather it gives you the period to eat while still enjoying the benefits of intermittent fasting. During this schedule you can take fruit or vegetables at the ninth hour then dinner by 6p.m. This way you don't completely stay away from food but control your intake of calories.

At the point of fasting the calories that are not needed in the body are eaten up to relief your excess and unnecessary unhealthy diets. This process keeps you healthy and as well allow you enjoy your junks without fear of excess fat or poor healthy conditions.

However, there are specific benefits of the ninth hour intermittent fasting. Some of them includes:

Weight loss

People who are obese and want to lose weight often engage in the ninth hour intermittent fasting exercise. It is more effective in losing weight. People who engage in the ninth hour intermittent fasting will easily lose weight than others who engages in other forms of intermittent fasting.

Improve Metabolic Fitness

The rate at which food and water is processed for body use is faster when one engages in the ninth hour fasting. The ninth hour fasting helps the body in the metabolic process. It helps to breakdown and use the food and water efficiently and effectively.

Intermittent fasting schedules are always advisable as the benefits cannot be overemphasized. Trying it will bring a healthy difference and balance. Those planning to lose weight can attempt the ninth hour fast as it helps them control the intake of calories while making sure they stay fit.

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