What people do wrong during intermittent fasting

by - April 19, 2019

What are some of the things that people do wrong while intermittently fasting? What are some things that you are doing wrong in your intermittent fasting journey that you might not know that you're doing wrong?

Let's consider some common mistakes people make while intermittently fasting together in this article. Of course, if you have been fasting the wrong way, or doing something wrong while fasting the right way, this article will make a good exposure and you'll get to make amends.

So, let's get right to them! shall we? Some of the mistakes people make during intermittent fasting are:

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1. Not taking any fluids or enough fluids during the fasting hours.

Intermittent Fasting does not necessarily imply "dry" fasting. You can and you should drink fluids during your Fasting hours. This is to keep you hydrated and balanced. Going without water or fluids for long hours at a time could be very dangerous to your health. You can drink not only water but also unsweetened and non-caloric liquids like Black Tea, supplemented water, Green Tea etc. This common mistake by newbies is totally avoidable.

2. Giving up.

In order to see the effects and reap the benefits of intermittent fasting, you can't just throw in the towel once you are feeling too hungry. Many people new to intermittent fasting make the mistake of giving up on their fast because they're feeling too hungry and they believe that they can't make it through the fast. This is very wrong. The more you train yourself to get through a fast, the more hours your body will be able to get though. Giving up is never the solution!

3. Fasting for too long.

Another mistake people do is to overdo their fast. A 24 hour fast  and even a 48 hours fast supported with fluids is just about right, but going 3, 4, 5 or more days without eating anything could be very dangerous, it could take a toll on your life and health. Try the 16:8 approach which is the most common flavour to intermittent fasting. The 5:2 approach too is okay. Where some people get it wrong is when they fast for too long. This usually poses a huge health hazard.

4. Overindulging during the Eating Window.

Another mistake, a very funny mistake, people make is to overeat when it is time to eat. Yes, I know it is normal to want to pack the whole plate in your stomach considering how hungry you are, it won't be smart for you to do so. It kills the whole point of your fasting. The point is to take a few calories than you normally take. Overeating defeats the purpose.

5. Choosing the wrong intermittent fasting plan. 

Depending on the busy hours of your day, you might want to shift your eating window to the times when you do the most work. Many people choose the wrong intermittent fasting plans and find that they can't cope. Since food is a good source of energy, it is only logical that you eat during your busy/working hours. So, choose a plan that lets you have a meal during your busy period. A lot of people make this mistake.

6. Rushing in. 

When you are new to intermittent fasting, it is common for people to think they can go on a 24 hours fast. Most people try to take on long fasts than their bodies are trained to. Your body is not used to shortage of food, so you have to take it slow. With time, it will adapt and you will find yourself more capable of going on reasonably long fasts. So, don't make the mistake of rushing into the long intermittent fasting process. Start with a few hours then work it up from there.

So, all in all, we have considered six things that people do wrong when it comes to intermittent fasting. I am hoping that you take these tips to heart and don't make these mistakes while fasting.

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