Extended fasting (3-7 days)

by - April 05, 2019

Extended fasting is defined as any fast that exceeds 24 hours according to experts. In this article,however, we will be looking at extended fasting for 3-7 days.
How can you go about this successfully? Is this even possible to pull off? What are the benefits? And side effects that are not so good. We will be looking at all of these in this informative article. So, grab your drink and read on!

What is Extended Fasting for 3-7 days?

Extended Fasting is a Type of intermittent fasting  with a very old healing strategy that has been around for a long time.
It is a process of abstaining from food for a very long time which most people consider to be anything more than 24 hours.

Extended fasting is something that our ancestors did a lot since food was a bit scarce during their lifetime so they had no choice but endure long periods without food, and this showed in their health since they generally lived much longer, were of lesser weight and overall healthier. But because availability of food has become common place all over, people have become somewhat "spoilt".

When you partake in extended fasts, you stand to gain a lot from it.
Some of which are :

1. You reach a deep state of ketosis.

2. Autophagy takes place in the body.

3. Your rate of cell reproduction slows down thereby reducing your risk of cancer.

4. It helps to initiate the process of producing stem cells that regenerate new tissues.

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Now, how can we successfully embark on an extended fast?

You don't need any special process to go on an extended fast. All you need to do is decide if you want to go on a 3 day, 4 day or 5 day fast and start your fast! Simple!

Your extended fast can last for as long as you wish. If you want it to be 14 days, then you can. But of course, you need to think of your health.

Most experts advice that you consider your health and see if you are strong enough to go on the fast. While on the fast, if you feel sick in anyway, be sure to stop the fast immediately.

Some the co-founders of HVMN, a supplement producing company, fasted for 7 days, taking only water. From video they made, They said the things they benefited most from the fast are Autophagy and a boost in brainpower and willpower.
They said they were able to get a whole lot of stuff done while they were fasting.

A number of people who have gone an extended fasting have said that after about 24 hours and feeling intense hunger pangs, the pangs go away eventually and it is easier to cope.

It might seen daunting to go on an extended fasting regimen but it's totally worth it if you are strong enough to go on the fast.

One of the co-founders we mentioned earlier also had a sensor inserted into his arm to keep track of blood glucose levels. They were said to be bio-hacking.


Obviously, everything has to be done in moderation. Staying for too long away from food could:

1. Reduce fertility

2. Cause dizziness, brain fog and insomnia

3. It would disrupt hormones

4. It could cause you to be anxious etc.

Who should avoid extended fasting?

1. Pregnant women, nursing women or women trying to get pregnant.

2. People with thyroid problems.

3. People with insulin dependent diabetes.

In conclusion, before you go on any extended fasts, make sure your doctor clears you ready to go ahead with the fast. This is to avoid health complications.

When breaking your fast also, remember to eat in low amounts and also go slow too. This is to avoid you developing Re-feeding Syndrome.

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