How do I know what fasting best suits me?

by - April 03, 2019

Consistency is the mother of result. Even when you’re consistently doing the wrong thing you would definitely get a result; only it will be a wrong one.

Now, there are Different types of fasting which can give pretty good results physically and health-wise, but it is now a whole different ball game to discover which works for you.

How do I know what fasting best suits me?

Answering this question will require answering some preliminary questions first.

There are several quizzes all over the internet that aim at helping you figure out the best answer, and this article, borrowing several leaves from all these sources, will be narrowing down the ideas of the quizzes and laying bare their general concept.

So, to be sure a fasting method suits you, you must ensure that it:

1. Is one you can keep up with.

Before embarking on any fast, you must research extensively about it and be sure you can realistically keep up with the requirements of the regimen. Check the pros, check the cons. Tell yourself the truth. If a part of it seems tricky, drop it, because if you fail in one part, you fail in all.

All other points are going back in this direction, so it is the most important and should therefore be paid attention to.

2. Requires the kind of exercise you can keep up with.

The different types of fasting require different types of exercise(s). If a regimen requires exercise that you may find too difficult, or not challenging enough for you, it’ll be best to look at the other options.

3. Is one that has a maintenance plan.

Remember how we started this article? It must be maintained if it is going to work. You may lose any goals you manage to achieve during the fasting period if there is no plan for continuity and maintenance, hence before you choose a fasting method, make sure it has a long-term maintenance plan.

4. Will blend in well with your regular daily program.

If you go for a fasting plan that would require you changing your regular life pattern, e.g. you work with little children and are required to run after them, keep them entertained, playing and what not, and you are on a plan that requires you taking as little as possible quantity of fluids and zero amount of solid food during the fasting period, it won’t work. Why? Because you need your strength to keep up with your daily life.

You sure do not want to realize your error after you've fainted a few times, do you?

5. Includes meals that are accessible to you and you can prepare.

Let’s start by saying that you have no business choosing a fasting plan that requires your sticking to a strict set of meals at particular times if you are not good at planning meals and sticking to plans.

Make sure you go for a regimen with flexible eating plans if you’re that kind of person.

And now to the point, if the meals required by your chosen plan are not readily available to you, please explore other options.

6. Plays to your strengths and curbs your weaknesses.

The best fasting plan is one that doesn't make you feel like you are on a diet.
When you’re extra “conscious” about it, it’ll lead to frustration.

Look for a plan that helps you recognize habits that can keep you from reaching your goals. Be sure that this plan will give you tips and ideas on how to break these habits too.

Aim for progress, not perfection!!!

7. Encourages gradual progress, doesn’t make bogus, unrealistic promises that require you pushing yourself to lengths that are unhealthy.

This is a sure-fire way to fail before you even begin because it is never possible to keep up with such “unhealthy” plans.

There’s more, and I encourage you to do more research and take one or two of those quizzes, just to be extra sure of your abilities and the plans that best suit you.
Remember, it is only in health that you have the power to make wealth.

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