One meal a day diet plan

by - April 03, 2019

So you just came on board and you are wondering: Intermittent Fasting? Which one should I even do? How is it done?
We're here for you.

Please join us on our series-Types of intermittent fasting , which will be running through this week.
For this article, we'll be considering what we call the "one meal a day" plan. It's also called OMAD.
If you've not read the article on the Warrior Diet you should.

OMAD is a diet plan that a lot of people engage in.
It has to do with eating with eating just one meal in 24hrs i.e a day. Most times, dinner.
This kind of fasting is highly recommended for people who are overweight.
Studies show that it is very effective for weight loss. However, the risk of this kind of fast outweighs it's benefits.

During your fasting window you are not expected to take anything that contains any percent of calories - whether liquid or solid.
On your eating window, however, you are not restricted to eating just non-calorie meals.
The popular ratio for OMAD is 23:1, where you are expected to fast for 23 hours and eat for just an hour.

Are you wondering what meals you can eat if you're on the OMAD plan?

You may choose to or choose not to eat meals with calories. You have to be careful though, if you're eating meals that contains calories, that the amount of calories you're consuming does not outweigh the number you burn during fasting.
See Meals to eat during intermittent fasting  for further insight.

There are several Benefits that comes with the OMAD plan, the most paramount of which is weight loss.
It helps also in regulating the eating and sleeping cycle and increasing the life span of overweight people.
It is said to also reduce the blood sugar level in people who have type 2 diabetes, among other benefits.

However, there are risk, as said earlier. One of which is "Binge eating".

Binge eating is an eating disorder where a person eats or forces himself to eat a large amount of food in a short period of time.
People in this diet plan are more likely to develop this disorder as the temptation to eat up in one hour all you missed in 23hrs is usually quite strong.

OMAD is also not advisable for people with health issues like low blood sugar. They need to eat frequently through the day to avoid any serious side effects.

Other risk includes:

Serious Hunger pangs
Loss of concentration

It is inadvisable therefore, to embark on this diet plan if:
1. You have an health condition.
2. You do not have an over weight problem (you're not obese).
Generally, you should see your doctor before you embark on this kind of fasting and you must be careful to not extend the days of fast for too long.

If you just had a good read please let us know. Your questions and experiences are also very welcome.

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