Intermittent fasting - financial benefits

by - April 17, 2019

Very few benefits are considered better than financial benefits when embarking on any project. I mean, money makes the world go round right? We have already said, countless times actually, that there is so much more benefits in intermittent fasting than just losing weight which makes the practice such a wholesome and healthy one for every facet of life.

One of those benefits can also be financial. So, how can intermittent fasting (IF from here on) make your pocket and bank account smile a little broader? Let’s find out.

One way IF affects our financial wellbeing is helping us cut down cost of feeding. So you have started your fasting regimen and you now eat at most 2 meals a day, as opposed to the 3 meals or more a day which is the standard right? You have a tight eating window and therefore have to limit all your meals to that time, and I mean, there’s only so much you can eat in a limited period of time, no matter how hard you try (but why are you even trying so hard? Remember we’re trying to be healthy here).

One of those two meals you’re now having is even something so light, it’s barely costing you anything. It’s probably something you picked in your own garden. Now calculate the cost of that meal you are missing out on, times how many times you get to not have it and boy o’ boy, will you see how much plug you have put in your pocket. And if you didn’t already know, fasting will help you reduce your stomach size and effectively help you eat less per meal. More money saved!

Secondly, other types of diets require that you eat certain foods, usually the more expensive types, and that you stick to this restriction. With IF, there are no such demands and you basically eat what you want. So not only is your cost of feeding reduced on regular meals, you’re not required to spend large sums on diet-required ones.

For some of us, junk carries the majority of what we spend our money on. It’s quick and easy so you don’t have to think before buying. Now with IF, you’re only focusing on meals you actually need to eat,  and reduces overeating of unnecessary foods. So you’re spending less at the grocery store, less at restaurants, less during that outing that you’d normally go crazy and buy all you see. And all that money is saved for better things.

Since IF improves your overall health, then you’re surely spending less money on doctor appointments and bills, medicines, etc. Intermittent fasting helps cure diseases and other medical conditions.

We are not saying stop going to your doctor, far from it. Instead we encourage that you see your physician as you should. It is rather more likely that they will prescribe fewer medications as they see your overall health improve with IF, and reasons to go to them(because of illness and the likes) will also drastically reduce. Money saved!

Now there are a few things that you do might be spending money on, as a result of intermittent fasting.

First is new clothes. You are losing all that weight and all your clothes now hang bogus. On the other hand, you can finally fit into that nice pair of jeans you saw at the store and admired so much. Let me guess; out with the old and in with the new right? I thought so.

So you have all this money saved up and that trip that you keep putting off begins to look enticing again huh? I mean, you even have the body to go with and can’t wait to let everyone see how great you look right? Yup, that’s another place your money might go.

In conclusion, IF doesn’t just help your physical health, it also helps your financial health.

Wouldn’t you rather spend your money on those exciting stuff that make you happy, such as new clothes and a vacation rather than spend it on things that will rather bring fat and sadness your way? Think on this things.

Stay healthy, stay safe!!!

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